My Sapporo Coat with a surprise lining

4:00 PM

Two years ago I went to Marché Saint Pierre in Paris with a friend and bought some dark green wool. It was a real deal (€ 24 for 3 meters) so I took it without a project in mind. It waited in my stash until I saw the Sapporo coat pattern by Papercut, and I decided that they were meant to be together. 

I did some research before buying this pattern because I wasn’t sure that shape could be flattering on me. I tend to wear fitted or semi-fitted garments because normally oversized clothes make me look like I’m wearing my older sister’s clothes. But I was really intrigued by this pattern and some versions I’ve seen on the web helped me clear up all doubts, like this one by Toya or this by Trine.

Even if I was more an M on the size chart I decided to cut the XS-S size pattern pieces (which were only a few, but huge!) and sew it together in a couple of hours. It’s a really easy and quick project and I really had fun sewing it.

 The biggest concern about this coat was the lining. Being the outer fabric so dark and simple, I really didn’t want a plain lining. So I started browsing the internet looking for some more creative options (I wanted some lining with bright flowers on it, or crazy geometrical shapes) but I couldn’t find anything more interesting than solids or paisley patterns. I was ready to give up and go for some plain lining when I found a scrap of silk my mother gave me as a birthday gift some years ago. It had a weird print of a city (which I later realized was London) on it, something I would have never bought for myself. So I thanked my mother and stashed it. It showed up again while I was rummaging through my pile of lightweight fabrics looking for a possible lining. I't a bit crazy but I think it works great as lining, what do you think?
I can recognize the Tower Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral is right in the middle.
About the outer fabric: I’m not sure it’s 100% wool anymore, even if the tag says so, because when I tried to iron it some fibers melted and sticked to the base. So it’s probably mixed wool but it’s warm and soft and I like it anyway. I was afraid it was too drapey for such a structured coat but in the end I think it works even better than stiffer fabrics, because it makes this coat look softer and a bit more fitted.  

The pattern has no closure, but I'm thinking about adding one. The fabric is quite warm and perfect for an Italian winter but the opening lets my belly freeze. I've already sewn a hook in the middle of the coat (and now I notice that it's too visible, I'll have to hide it more inside the front) but I'll probably add some more of them.

Summing up. Pros: This coat is oversized but not too much, and it's an easy sew. It's my second garment with Papercut patterns (after the Bowline Sweater) and I'm really happy with the fit and the instructions.
Cons: No closure option. I think it's ok for a summer coat, but a winter coat absolutely needs one!

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  1. I just came across this post as I am about to change out a lining from an old wool Hobbs coat that is shredded and add in what looks like a Ted Baker silk lining to it for the winter. I saw a pic of your lining and died! It's stunning. Makes me think of home. I think that coat looks like a modern day Audrey Hepburn coat style. Love it!


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