Bowline Sweater

3:23 PM

I bought my serger some years ago and I've used it a lot since then. Sewing with knits is seriously addictive! I love to see how quickly a garment comes together (no darts, no topstitching, no zippers...) and how beautiful and stretchy the seams are. The downside is, most of the sewing patterns for knits are quite basic. You can find a lot of patterns for plain sweaters, simple cardis and dresses, but not many brilliant designs. The Bowline Sweater by Papercut Patterns breaks this pattern (pun not intended).

The pleat of the front is clearly the most interesting feature of this sweater. It's a real eye-catcher. Even if it looks complicated, it's really easy to sew, and it comes together in a few hours.

This sweater requires a drapey yet structured fabric. I've used is some lovely Nosh Silmu knit in black with small vanilla dots. This fabric has an interesting texture: the back shows the jarns used to weave-in the dots you can see on the right side. You can have a look of both sides of this fabrics here.
It's not as stretchy as other Nosh knits I've tried so far, but it's perfect for this sweater anyway, as the fit is quite loose. This knit is soft, warm and organic, as all Nosh fabrics. It's available in olive as well.

Summing up. Pros: Quick and easy to sew. It's still a comfortable sweater, but stylish enough to be worn in the office.
Cons: This is probably the most expensive PDF pattern I've ever purchased. It costs 18 euros (30 NZD), I gasped when I saw the price, but covered it well by letting out a little cough. Well, I know how much time and effort indipendent designers put in their patterns, so, if I think about it with a cool head, I can't complain about the price anymore.

I'm planning to sew another version of it in jersey for spring. I can't wait to style it with some denim pants and sandals!

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  1. That looks fabulous. I've had my eye on the pattern too. I love how you disguised your gasp into a cough. Very clever how you did that.


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