Just add a skirt...again!

2:32 PM

This is another tee dress I've made with the Spin dress pattern as starting point and some Nosh organic fabric. This is exactly the kind of dresses my daughter needs for schools, so I'll probably keep on sewing them!

As for this dress, I've just added a gathered skirt to the top of the Spin dress. Actually the striped Nosh fabric is a remnant of a skirt I've made for myself - I normally don't choose colors like black and gray for my daughter - childhood is so short, hurray for colors! So I've added a touch of color using some scraps of acquamarine knits for the pockets (from Nosh's last years' collection).

I've kept that aquamarine fabric in my closet for years and now I'm happy it has come in handy. It comes from one of my daughter's favourite dresses I made a couple of years ago.

I love it, when I create lovely dresses that come out of nowhere, with remnants and scraps from other projects. I often love them more than other dresses I've carefully planned.

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