The Unexpected Coat

5:14 PM

Hello Spring! It seems like I've been waiting for spring for years now. This winter I've sewn lots of spring garments - lights coats, light sweaters, shirts with long sleeves, too warm for summer and too cold for winter - as if this season could last forever. But mid-seasons in Italy are dramatically short: we transition very quickly to cold winters to hot hot hot summers. Needless to say, mid-seasons are my favourite ones. Maybe just because they're so short and sweet.

I've bought this fabric at a local fair in Paris without a project in mind. I surprised myself when I choose it: this fabric isn't really "me". I'd never thought of me wearing such a big diamonds pattern in white and blue. This fabric waited for some months in my sewing closet before I decided to use it because it took a lot of space on the shelf.

I had a lot of it. It's a wide woven cotton fabric, soft but thick, perfect for a coat. These diamonds needed a simple coat, so I chose a pattern from Burda Easy Italy A/W 2015 (I wanted to add a link to the pdf pattern but it looks like it's only available in the printed magazine).

I've sewn a size 34 with no alterations. I've chosen the option with zipper and patch pockets. I had a hard time matching the diamond pattern with the pockets but I really love the result.

I'd never thought I could love such a bold coat. And I get compliments everywhere I go with it. I need to get out of my comfort zone more often!

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