Näh-Connection Shop Opening Tour - Twist it!

7:11 PM

Annika of Näh-Connection was probably my first sewing blogger friend ever. We started commenting each others' blogs some years ago. Annika loved Italy, I loved Germany. Needless to say, our cyber-friendship soon became a real-life-friendship.
Annika has a great blog (that I've seen growing and growing through the years!) and a pattern shop, and this week she'll start selling some German patterns translated into English. I was lucky enough to be asked to choose one pattern to try among them and my choice was the Twist It blouse by Schneidernmeistern (a real tongue-twister word for a native Italian!).

This blouse has a very interesting construction. The bodice and the sleeves are made of a single pattern piece cut on fold. This means that you need some very high fabric to be able to cut the pattern from a single fabric piece, especially if you use a patterned fabric like the striped one I've used on the pictures. But the final result is amazing. The stripes start running horizontally on the front to literally twist on the sleeves and connect on the bias on the back.

That's why I'd recommend using a fabric with a directional pattern for this blouse, to display the blouse construction and emphatize the changing grain direction.
I've chosen the option of cutting the back and front necklines the same, this way the blouse can be worn either way. 

I've used some very old (vintage?) linen that my mother gave me some months ago. I'm very happy with my fabric choice. Linen is soft but sturdy enough to keep the blouse in shape even on the bias.

This is only one of the patterns available on the shop. Until Sunday 10th you can get all patterns in the english shop with a special discount using the following coupon codes:
- buy1save10naehconnection (buy 1 pattern save 10%)
- buy2save20naehconnection (buy 2 patterns save 20%)
- buy3save30naehconnection (buy 3 patterns save 30%)

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  1. Wow! Love the fabric choice and you look fantastic in it!

  2. Love your fabric choice so much, Gioia! And you are totally right, the stripes really showcase this pattern design beautifully...

  3. Oh yes, this fabric is perfect for this blouse! I am now on a lookout for nice stripey fabric. This blouse is so easy to make and so easy to wear, gotta make a couple more :D

  4. Uh, that is so perfect! I LOVE this blouse. And it suits you so well. Beautiful!


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