The Best Part of Having a Sewing Blog – London Sew Social 2016

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Finding new sewing friends is the best part of having a sewing blog. 

It all happened last year, as me and Annika of Näh Connection decided to send a message to some fellow bloggers to see if they could be interested in joining us in Paris for a weekend of fabric shopping and chatting. Their response last year was a success, we created an amazing group of friends so we repeated the adventure this year. Our destination was London!

No, you won’t see any Big Ben or Buckingham Palace or other attractions in this post. We are fabric junkies and deserve to wear the title. We roamed fabric shops buying fabric for no specific purpose. During the two days we had available to us we petted every bolt of Liberty we saw, we wowed at every meter of bias tape and trimming, swooned in every haberdashery shop.

I arrived in London on Friday, on a rainy afternoon (well, that’s London). I met the girls at St. Christopher Inn hostel near London Bridge. These are the ladies I had met in Paris and had the pleasure to meet again in London:

- Marta of Do Guincho from Portugal
- An of
StraightGrain from Belgium
- Victoria of
As It Seams from England
- Olu of
Needle and Ted from England
- Laura of
Titchy Threads from England
- Annika of
Näh Connection from Germany
- Maartje of
Huisje Boompje Boefjes from Holland

And the lovely new entries:

- Ines of La Folie Sewing Booth from Portugal
- Eva of from Belgium
- Maria of
My Cozy Co from England
- Trine of
Groovybaby & Mama from Denmark
- Liesl of
Oliver + S from the USA
- Toya of
Made by Toya from England

- Andreia of In a manner of Sewing from Portugal

After the first hugs and kisses we headed to our first destination, Shaukat. This shop is probably the biggest distributor of Liberty fabrics ever. Just imagine every possible Liberty print distributed in five rooms, with precuts stacked up from the floor to the ceiling. Yep.

I restrained myself and bought only two meters of a lovely print. Even so, this was the most expensive purchase of the weekend. After that, I decided to behave and spend as less as possible.

I patted myself on the shoulder after resisting to buy anything in shops like Mc Culloch& Wallis:

 I only bought one meter of scuba and a couple of remnants in Brixton, at SimplyFabrics:

While I was fascinated by the ethereal elegance of the shops we had visited before, I really loved Simply Fabrics. It wasn’t trendy. It wasn’t refined. It was a REAL fabric shop. With bolts everywhere, a bizarre selection of textiles and colors, and mainly really low prices. 

But we didn’t visit many other shops. We tried to spend as much as possible time together, chatting, laughing, walking around London together. 

I personally enjoyed our visit to a fashion exhibition at V&A Museum a lot. Can you imagine something better than commenting fashion masterpieces with 14 friends who share a passion for sewing? I can’t.

We spent our last evening together in a nice pub outside London. I’m always looking forward to situations in which I have to talk to people. Being a quite shy person myself, I always need some time to warm up a bit. But with these girls, it all went very quickly. We talked the whole evening and got along perfectly. I would repeat an evening like that every weekend. 

I still have some fabric left from Paris, and new ones from London. I have enough things to sew, and patterns, thread and haberdasheries from here to eternity.
Many sponsors supported us during our trip. I am grateful for the amazing supplies they provided us. Some of them will be part of a big giveaway we’ll host in the next few weeks (stay tuned). 

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  1. It was such a pleasure being part of this fab weekend. Long may Sew Social continue.


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