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9:58 AM

My mother has five sisters. All of them are professional seamstresses. My grandmother was a milliner. Only my mother decided not to follow them. She preferred working with my grandpa, selling vegetables at the market, but she learned to use a sewing machine anyway, to sew garments for herself using sewing patterns found on magazines. When I was 16 I asked her to buy me a sewing machine. I was attracted to sewing but I didn't really know where to start. I could choose to learn to sew from one of my aunts, but I never did it. So I used my machine only to hem my jeans or tees, carring her along with me from place to place. Then I became a mother. I bought a small A-line dress pattern and some quilting cotton, thinking that my daughter would look cute in it, and started sewing.
Now I can't stop.

I am Gioia, I live in Italy and I sew for myself and my daughter. This blog is my new adventure.

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